Meridiana 34-36
08018 Barcelona
T. (+34) 938 487 786

Polivalent Uses For Filming

Designed at Studio Albert Romagosa
Photos by Luis Díaz Díaz
© 2019

Barcelona PUFF is a multifunctional space designed to carry out all types of audiovisual projects, such as castings, photo and video shootings, wardrobe tests, fittings, ppms, workshops, presentations and events.

Rooms may be booked individually or in packs comprising more than one. The space may also be booked in its entirety.

Should you wish to check availability and fees please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to get to PUFF
Subway: L1 → Marina (Almogàvers exit)
Buses: 6, B20, B25, V21, V23, H14 or H16
Train (Renfe): Arc de Triomf
Tram: T4 → Marina

The Production Office is fully equipped with office supplies. It enables the production team to comfortably work comfortably near the sets as well as the Client Lounge.

The Production Room and the Client Lounge are attached and can be converted into one open space if so required by the project.